Better Together Days | Interfaith Cooperation

Better Together Days is coming February 17th to 21st 2020.  

Last year, over 3500 participants engaged in interfaith programs for Better Together Days. Campuses organized canned food drives benefiting local charities, movie screenings, dinner dialogues, fast-a-thons, and panel discussions. Student clubs hosted information tables in their student centers and invited students to club meetings to expand their interfaith leadership teams. 


This year, we are rallying our network of interfaith leaders to mobilize their campuses for another week of interfaith action. But why?  


IFYC founder and President, Eboo Patel, imagines America as a ‘potluck nation’ - not a melting pot where all the flavors get meshed together and become bland goo. A potluck actively requires attendees to bring their best dishes, the dishes that reflect something about their unique background – a potluck relies on the contributions of a diverse community. Potlucks facilitate relationships between people and help build bridges by creating a space for eating and socializing and surprise connections. This is the kind of American society we are striving to build. 


During Better Together Days, we are asking you to do this on your campus. We want you to think through what activities will build bridges? What resources do you have to bring people together to take action, engage in fruitful dialogue, and increase awareness and interest in future interfaith programs. 

Explore the resources and merchandise on the site and remember to complete the webform below so we know what you’re planning for Better Together Days 2020.


If your campus leads an interfaith action project you could win 4 free registrations for the ILI for your campus. 4 campuses will be selected for this prize.


If your campus hosts an inspirational dialogue event you could win 2 free registrations for the ILI for your campus. 4 campuses will be selected for this prize.


If your campus gets students interested in interfaith work you could win 1 free registration for the ILI for your campus. 4 campuses will be selected for this prize. 


More Ways to Get Involved


Better Together Days is a national week of action headed by Interfaith Youth Core, a national nonprofit working towards an America where people of different faiths, worldviews, and traditions can bridge divides and find common values to build a shared life together. A society where interfaith cooperation is the norm.

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